Roberta Pedon
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A Little Bit About Roberta Pedon:
Roberta Pedon (1952-1982) was born with the not exactly stage-friendly name Rosma Laila Grantoviskis to Latvian-Jewish parents in Ohio. Supposedly somewhere along the line she picked up fluent Portuguese, although not much else is known before her migration to California in the early 1970s.

She was quickly 'discovered' by photographers & men's magazines, and became a mainstay in the pin-up landscape of the era. The fact that her lovely slender body included a pair of incredible breasts several sizes larger than the rest of her frame got her fans' attention, but her staying power was helped along with an appealing girl-next-door appearance - pretty eyes, a goofy smile, and a general demeanor halfway between corn-fed Midwestern girl and California hippie. That combo - the proportions of a goddess but the down-to-earth persona of your neighbor around the block - is a big reason for her appeal even decades later.

Sadly, Miss Pedon's personal demons - drugs & alcohol & who knows what else - were powerful & persistent and contributed to her death of liver disease at the young age of 28. Beauty & tragedy often go hand in hand, it's a story told again and again as the generations go on by...

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A Visual Treatise On Mammaries Of The Human Female In A Sexualized Context.

Enjoy, in a purely academic sense of course!

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The Bountiful Roberta Pedon
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Roberta Pedon, classic pin-up model and skin mag covergirl from the early 1970s. American, but of Latvian descent, and best known for her pretty girl-next-door looks & bountiful, shapely breasts.

Voluptuousness incarnate!

More biographical details can be found at her Model page.